Preschool Play Centres

Drawing and Writing Centre

When I am drawing or writing, I am learning to...

  • experiment with print
  • represent my ideas in a variety of ways
  • use literacy related materials
  • recognize some letter and words
  • explore the purpose and function of written language
  • take risks

Art Centre

When I create art projects, I am learning to...

  • be creative
  • Problem solve independently and with others
  • explore and handle different textures, shapes, sizes and materials
  • use my fine motor skills
  • appreciate art work
  • use tools
  • experiment with colour, line and shape
  • represent what is known from experience
  • take risks

Dramatic Play Centre

When I play dress-up and pretend to be someone else, I am learning to...

  • play cooperatively with others
  • make decisions and solve problems in peaceful ways
  • be responsible
  • be creative and use my imagination
  • experience and gain understanding about my world
  • share and take turns
  • speak and listen
  • role play

Sand/Water Exploration Centre

When I play with sand/water, I am learning to...

  • use and control my hand muscles
  • explore testure
  • ask questions and solve problems
  • estimate, measure and compare
  • share my ideas and cooperate with others
  • experience and gain understanding about my world

Library Centre

When I use our library, I am learning to...

  • listen to stories
  • talk about my ideas
  • create pictures in my mind
  • imagine
  • ask questions
  • recognize some letters and words
  • make connections to what i already know
  • tell a story from the pictures
  • hold a book and turn the pages correctly

Puppet Centre

When I play with puppets, I am learning to...

  • work cooperatively with others
  • plan, organize and practice
  • be creative
  • express my ideas
  • communicate through creative storytelling
  • role play to explore character and emotion
  • take risks
  • perform

Puzzles Centre

When I play with puzzles, I am learning to...

  • problem solve
  • pattern and sequence
  • recognize colours
  • concentrate
  • use my fingers to develop my fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • explore spatial orientation
  • be patient and persevere

Science Exploration Centre

When I engage in scientific exploration, I am learning to...

  • predict and observe
  • ask questions, explore and compare
  • solve problems and make conclusions
  • experience and gain understanding about my world
  • discover how things work
  • take risks

Games Centre

When I play with games, I am learning to...

  • strategize and problem solve
  • recognize patterns and sequences
  • count and develop number concepts
  • concentrate
  • play cooperatively with others
  • be patient and persevere
  • take risks

Blocks Centre

When I build with blocks, I am learning to...

  • build with my hands to improve my gross and fine motor coordination
  • compare sizes and shapes
  • sort, classify and count
  • share and work cooperatively
  • try out my ideas and problem solve
  • use my imagination

Listening Centre

When I listen to music and record stories, I am learning to...

  • listen attentively
  • appreciate music, literature, and poetry
  • read from left to right and top to bottom (concepts of print)
  • develop auditory memory for sound, letters and words
  • track words (point with finger)

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