O.R.C.A. Summer Adventures

Outdoor Recreation and Creative Arts (5-12 years)

Britannia Out of School Care has run a full time summer program for over 30 years. We have renamed our summer program ORCA to highlight what we have been doing: Outdoor Recreational and Creative Arts programing for children 5-12 years old.


Each week children will experience the ORCA at neighbourhood parks, local outdoor trails, beaches, pools, museums, and other fun-filled city venues. Children will hike, bike, run, jump and play.  We will also create art projects, culinary activities, science projects, drama games, and make music and dance together. Special guests will visit us each week providing cool activities and creative inspiration.  Whatever we do, children will have fun playing and learning together while building meaning relationship with their peers.


Summer fees

Full time - $200/ month

Part time - $50/ week


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday:  7:30am-5:45pm

Join us for a fun-filled summer and contact the Supervisor at 604.718.5843 for more information.


Summer 2024 Calendar

ORCA Summer Day Camp Adventure Photos




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