What's Happening in Preschool!


Greetings Preschool Families!


Our Artsmart program has been a HIT!! Click on the links below to explore what the children have been working on. Continue to revisit this web page for updates!

This is a great opportunity to initiate or expand on your child's learning experiences.  Providing you with this media documentation, is the approach we are taking, in hopes of keep our school/home communication accessible to you and your family. 


Click on the links below to explore:

What is ArtSmart?


Preschool ArtSmart session Jan-Jun 2021


Nov-Dec 10, 2021
Space Art with Vasi

Highlights Nov-Dec 10, 2021


Oct 12-15, 2021
Mix media art, science, sensory &  literacy 

Sept 22-Oct 1, 2021
Sorting, organizing, categorizing, counting FUN!


Sep 20-24, 2021

The Story - "Kate Who Tamed the Wind"

Mix Media from the Children

Just dancing and having fun!