The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is proud to offer FoodFit, a 12-week program for community members who experience barriers around healthy eating and physical activity but who are motivated to make lasting changes to their health.

The program combines fun, hands-on cooking sessions and food-based activities with take-home recipes, easy-to-understand nutrition information, group exercise, shared meals, self-directed individual and group goal-setting, and feedback loops that monitor and reinforce individual and group progress.

FoodFit was developed by Community Food Centres Canada along with a medical doctor with special interests in preventative care and chronic disease management and informed by nutritionists, CFCC senior programs and research/evaluation stats, and CFC program coordinators.

The combination of cooking sessions, nutrition knowledge, physical activity, goal-setting, and a supportive group led to marked results from the outset—by the end of the 12-week series, evaluation results showed participants were cooking more healthy meals at home, walking more each day, feeling more connected to their community, and had improved biometric measurements such as lower blood pressure and resting heart rate. 


FoodFit 2018 Year End Report

FoodFit Photos


Spaces are limited. To join please contact Ruth Elizabeth Briggs at 604.718.5895 or .