Join a committee and become part of Britannia's future.

Board of Management

2nd Wed/mo     6:00pm

Contact: Cynthia Low  604.718.5815


Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression Committee

2nd Thu/mo      6:00pm

Contact: Cynthia Low  604.718.5815


Arena Committee

1st Tue/mo       6:30pm

Contact: Susy Bando  604.718.5836

Arts & Culture Committee

1st Thu/mo     7:00pm

Contact: Amanda Lye  604.718.5825


Board Development Committee

3rd Mon/mo     6:30pm

Contact: Cynthia Low  604.718.5815


Child Care Committee

Call of the chair.

Contact: Jacky Hughes  604.718.5816


Executive Committee

4th Wed/mo   7:00pm

Contact: Cynthia Low  604.718.5815

Finance Committee

4th Wed/mo     6:00pm

Contact: Jeremy Shier  604.718.5810


Grandview Woodland Food Connection

1st Wed/mo      6:30pm

Contact: Ruth-Elizabeth Briggs  604.718.5895

Planning & Development Committee

3rd Tue/mo     6:30pm

Contact: Cynthia Low  604.718.5815

Pool & Fitness Committee

Last Tue/bi-monthly     6:00pm

Contact: Pool & Fitness Programmer  604.718.5830


Reconciliation in Action Circle

2nd Mon/mo      1:00pm

Contact: Denise Johnson  denise.johnson[at]

Seniors, Elders & Advocates (SEA) Committee

3rd Wed/mo     3:30pm

Contact: Anne Cowan  604.718.5837


Skateboard Committee

4th Mon/mo     6:30pm

Contact: Oliver Tennant 

Volunteer Committee

3rd Fri/mo     5:00pm

Contact: Yao Zhang  604.718.5860

Youth Committee

Call of the chair.

Contact: Tom Higashio  604.718.5826