A Taste of Collage

Want to get creative and make some art to share?


A Taste of Art-Making - Community Window Collage


Collage by Clae B


Email Helen at for an envelope of materials for collage making!


Materials in the envelope:

Card stock (size, colour)

Coloured papers, bond, tissue (colours)

Tiny glue stick

2 pages from a foodie magazine

3 coloured markers or pencils (colours)


Additional equipment you might like to have on hand:


Exacto knife


Allow your mind to rest while you follow the order of the directives below.

Allow your hands to work intuitively/impulsively… from the gut/subconscious, without judgement.



  1. Use the cardstock as your base. (there are two in case you want to make a second piece)
  2. Cut or tear pieces of the coloured paper and place them on the base
  3. Choose a magazine picture and cut or tear it to fit amongst the other papers
  4. Find a word of words in the magazine pages that appeal to you, place it/them amongst the other papers on the base.
  5. Now rearrange the selected pieces, take some away, or add more. Use small amounts of white glue or glue stick to tack them in place.
  6. Now use the marking tools to add more texture and depth, even more words if they come to you.
  7. Take a digital photo of your work. We suggest the best lighting for this is outside during the middle of the day. Be careful not to place partial shadows across your artwork.
    • Then send it to us at tasteofcollage@gmail.com. You can tell us your thoughts about the piece, any stories it told you as you made it, a surprise that appeared.
    • You are also welcome to mail or drop off your artwork to

Britannia Community Arts c/o Britannia Info Centre

1661 Napier Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 4X4

  1. Make as many as you like with the materials in the kit.
  2. They are designed to go together and yours will match in colour palette with what others are making. Colour copies will be displayed to the public onsite at Britannia in the windows of the 55+ Centre.


If you continue to make more and add your own materials, we would very much like to see them too. They may also be included in the display.


See the Facebook page for images as they come in.


Collage by Helen S

"Fresh" collage by Grimm and Georgia


"Soul Food" Collage by Grimm and Georgia


Collage by Jamila and kids


Collage by Sybil K


Collage by Rita D


Collage by Perle

Collage by Perle


Collage by Hadas


Collage by Carolin’s kids


Collage by Carolin’s kids