East FEAST 2014

The EAST FEAST is a community meal that raises funds through ticket sales to the event which in turn directly funds an artist or artist group. The decision on the distribution of funds is given to the community through a democratic voting process. This FEAST is grassroots micro-funding at its best, relying on community engagement to be successful.

The EAST FEAST is a granting process targeting artists who may not be eligible for the formal methods of corporate or government funding. The application process has been made purposely simple, easily accessible and open for the artist to imagine the possibilities. This process gives the artist an unrestricted resource of funds to realize an artistic goal. The artist chosen at the FEAST to receive funding will be expected to present at the next FEAST through an oral or visual display/demonstration describing to the attendees the impact the FEAST funding had on their project.

2014 Finalists are:
Cheryl Fortier: Art Outside of Ourselves
Paul Silveria: Professor Banjo
Jimi Stewart: The Vancouver B Movie Factory

For more info on this event and the 2014 artist projects
Call 604-718-5825 or email us at: eastfeastvancouver@gmail.com
Website: eastfeastvancouver.wordpress.com