Programming Principles

Enhance Community Connectivity

We offer fun, inclusive, innovative programs, spaces and services that foster passion, enthusiasm, positive community involvement, and a sense of belonging and identity. We provide a space for social action, a place where people living in Grandview Woodland and Strathcona meet to discuss local area and neighbourhood matters and work together to solve them.


Promote Health and Wellness
We operate from a holistic approach and offer members a broad range of programs and services that engage different abilities and interests across the life span. Our approach is grounded in recreation, sport, fitness, arts, culture, education, learning, social interaction, nutrition, and social development. We promote the improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of our community, recognizing that health is impacted by personal, social, economic, and environmental factors.


Foster Social Justice and Equity
We seek to create programs that encourage meaningful participation in our communities that may lead to social change. We strive to address social and historical inequities by advocating and acting in collaboration with vulnerable community members, and commit to Reconciliation.


Embrace Accessibility
We offer welcoming, safe, barrier-free programs, services and environments. We pro-actively seek ways to respect and accommodate the unique needs of populations within the community. We do this through social interaction, cultural awareness, physical space design, equipment, economic, and environmental means.


Facilitate Cultural Interaction
We promote sharing, learning, and understanding through programs and services that celebrate diversity and encourage cross-cultural interactions. Cultural practices and the sharing of food are important aspects of these celebrations.


Activate Networks
We build bridges with individuals, networks, and agencies to benefit from each other’s expertise and resources to achieve our mission, vision, and objectives as a Society. We facilitate access to resources for individuals, networks, and agencies.


Pursue Sustainability
We use resources responsibly to sustain and ensure longevity of programs and services. We are stewards of the built and natural environment. We maximize utilization through sharing of resources and revenues.


Integrate Innovation
We integrate current trends and are responsive to the emerging needs of the communities we serve, developing programs and services that are flexible, original, and relevant to our unique community.


Ensure Accountability
We inform, involve, and include our community, participants, partners, members, and funders in our work. This encompasses the design and evaluation of programs and services. Programs and services are shown to be relevant through evidence of participation and need in the community.