Britannia Renewal

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Over the past few years, Britannia’s volunteer Planning & Development Committee, the Britannia Board of Management (volunteers elected from the community), and Britannia’s staff have worked with the community to carry out needs assessments and to draft plans for a renewed Centre.



What is the Britannia site today?

  • The heart of the community: a dynamic cultural, economic, educational and recreational hub with more than 250 staff, 1000+ students, and over 4000 visits per day.
  • 18 Acres in the heart of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood.
  • Britannia Secondary School established 1908, a public Cafeteria and the school gymnasium in 1955, and the science extension in 1967. Other community buildings, library, pool, ice rink and Elementary school were completed in 1976.
  • 70% of the land owned by the Vancouver Board of Education, 30% by the City of Vancouver.
  • Services provided in cooperation by Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver Board of Education, Vancouver Park Board, Britannia Community Services Centre Society, and many smaller groups and community partners.


We have continued the work by establishing the following:

  • Vision Statement that provides Renewal objectives, that articulates the overall purpose values of the Britannia site. This includes our role as the heart of the community and the innovative partnerships.
  • Design Principles that reflect the considerations that may be taken into accounting in the visioning of designs and plans. These principles will help guide the planning and evaluation of site scenarios.
  • Renewal Objectives that articulate the goals that the renewal should address.
  • The Strategic Planning Subcommittee of the Planning and Development Committee, that has been tasked by the Board of Management to work directly with City staff to ensure that local interests and voices are included in all aspects of the planning of the site. As a community driven community centered facility that values local involvement the subcommittee has developed a consultation and accountabiity process in our work with the City and site partners.


Next Stages in the Planning and Design Process

Stage A – Concept Gathering
Build on the previous planning and consultation for Britannia Renewal and on the current ideas of the active members of the Britannia Board’s committees and community residents in order to implement an overall vision for the whole 7.3 hectare (18 acre) site, and nearby property.

This will include a priority list of what types of activities and functions we expect to have in the new facility, a vision that will accommodate current and future uses.

Stage B – Refining Potential Uses
The overall vision developed in Stage A will be reviewed by our community and partners for discussion and feedback. At this time there will be modifications with the goal of gaining community support and endorsement of the final vision that will guide the design process.


Stage C – Begin Design Process

At this stage architectural services will be needed to develop a physical representation of the community endorsed vision. This model will be presented to the community for discussion and feedback.

We need you to get involved!

The Planning & Development Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6:30-8:30pm, via Zoom.

Contact  for meeting details.