Strategic Plan

Your Board of Management developed a Strategic Plan that will guide our work from 2021 to 2025.


Our Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan was developed by and with our community. Our collaborative process included a series of dialogues with staff, board members, committees, volunteers, and community members, in addition to extended opportunities for online and in-person feedback. At the end of our collaborative development process, we are pleased to make this commitment to our community, and we are excited to continue the dialogue and begin the work of implementation.

You can review a full version of our Strategic Plan here.


What is a Strategic Plan used for?

The Plan grounded in the Society’s constitution, includes a refresh of our Society’s vision and mission, and 6 strategic commitments to guide our work with our community over the next 5 years. Our intention is for this new framework to articulate our common goals and principles and chart a shared path forward, while taking into consideration the future renewal of the site.

This Strategic Plan will guide Britannia staff, board, and committees to ensure our organizational transformation and day to day work aligns with our shared goals, principles, and values. Specifically, this strategic plan will be used for:

•    Decision-making
•    Conflict resolution
•    Accountability
•    Staff engagement
•    Community engagement
•    Evaluation
•    Operational planning
•    Fundraising
•    Organizational development
•    Programming


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