Wellness/Mental Health Links

These mental health resources or support links have been curated by Britannia staff and our community partners.

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Child and Adolescent Response Team: 604-874-2300

Mental Health Services Intake Line: 604-675-3895

Broadway Youth Resource Centre: 604-786-2228

Inner City Youth Clinic: 604-806-9415


HeretoHelp.ca - (BC) Mental health and substance use information and resources


Openmindbc.ca - (BC) information hub containing mental health tools and resources for youth, families, teachers and health care providers


BC Children's Hospital - (LOCAL) Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre


Crisis Centre of BC - (BC) Courses, workshops and tools to assist you and your family during COVID 19 (some are paid)


Breath, Relaxation and De-Stressing practice - (LOCAL) SFU Resources


Mindfulness Meditations - (LOCAL) BC Children's Hospital - Dr Dzung 


Self-Compassion Guided Meditations and Exercises - (USA) Dr Kristin Neff


Guided Meditation and Mindfulness - (BC) English and Cantonese 


Guided Meditations - (USA) UCLA Mindful Awareness Podcasts


Mindful Blog - (International) Healthy Mind, Healthy Life


Mindful Blog - (USA) Mindful Parenting, Responding instead of reacting


Mindful Blog - (USA) 5 main tenets of Mindful parenting

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