Capital Plan

The Britannia Community Services Centre we enjoy today was the result of an exciting community process in the 1970s that brought together students, academics, politicians, skaters, artists, readers, bureaucrats, swimmers, and parents. It's that very kind of intense involvement we need now to make expansion and renewal of Britannia a reality.

Since the facilities opened in 1976, Britannia has been a leader in integrated recreation, education, and social services, providing inventive solutions to community needs. Britannia is a unique partnership between the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver School Board, the Vancouver Public Library, and the Vancouver Park Board.

In 2011 the Planning and Development Committee completed the Strategic Master Plan that provides the vision and principles for the renewal of the site. This document also demonstrates the feasibility, planning and program delivery potentials for our community. The Plan was used to apply for capital improvements funds.

On September 30, 2014, after many years of hard work by volunteers, staff and advocates for Britannia, City Council approved $25 million in the 2015-2018 Capital Budget for the renewal of the Britannia Community Services Centre. Up to $100 million dollars has been allotted over the next 10 years for renewal of the full site. This was endorsed by the residents of the City in the Civic election in November 2014.

The Strategic Planning Subcommittee of the Planning and Development Committee, that has been tasked by the Board of Management to work directly with City staff to ensure that local interests and voices are included in all aspects of the planning of the site.

Our hope is that the Strategic Master Plan, once implemented, will make the entire community centre livelier, greener, and more responsive to the needs of the community.