2024 Priorities

On November 5, 2023 the Board of Management gathered to plan the direction for the Society.

2024 Areas of Focus

Facilities – Addressing current needs and Redevelopment/Renewal

Current needs

  • Ensure existing spaces are in good working order and will continue to be available in the next few years.
  • Work with the City and VSB to plan for facilities from a preventative maintenance perspective, and where possible enhance customer experience and storage capacity.
  • Explore options to expand spaces on site with VSB and off site opportunities in partnership with corporate and/or other non-profits.


  • Rebrand the Britannia Renewal – Rebuilding of the Britannia Community Centre for Future Generations.
  • Proactively work with City and partners to move the Master Plan forward, with the completion of Phase 1 as a priority.
  • Communicate clearly to the community the objectives of the Redevelopment/Renewal, update all information channels and provide context and rebrand the Renewal.
  • Explore fund development for Building 1 capital funding


Child Care – Strategic Planning and Implementation

Advance the amalgamation of the current Hub members under Britannia Community Services Centre Society as recommended in the Britannia Child Care Hub Review Report.

Proceed with Phase 1: Test feasibility that includes the first steps:

  • Meet with the three society boards to discuss the concept of amalgamation or merger, review the findings of this report and the advantages of amalgamation. Find out how receptive they are to the option.
  • Based on the needs and aspirations for the three society boards create a driving vision, mission, values, and principles for child care.
  • Design a process to include parent voices in governance.
  • BCSCS Board of Directors commit to undertaking explicit, long-term, future-oriented planning for child care. Develop strategies for the future of child care, embedded in the context of serving families in the Britannia neighbourhoods.
  • Develop a high-level long term financial plan and expansion plan for BCSCS.


Staff, Board & Volunteer Capacity Building and Training

  • Establish staff working group to prioritize training needs that includes cultural safety and staff capacity building. This should include contractors and instructors.
  • Implement quarterly training sessions that includes on-line, in person and other diverse educational and training modalities.
  • Board Development Committee and Volunteer Committee to develop and implement training sessions for Board, committees and volunteers.

Youth Engagement, Mentorship, Empowerment and Employment

  • Supporting programming staff to develop and implement a youth mentorship that could train and hire local youth as Society staff.

Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

5 Year Reconciliation Plan

  • Review and revise the plan according to emerging needs and goals of the Reconciliation in Action Committee and the Manager of Organizational Change.


  • Review City social trends reports, census information and society registration data to identify at risk residents and align programs to support and build resilience.
  • Work with programming staff, Community Recreation Coordinator and Manager of Organizational Change to set goals and targets that includes increase in LAP and no-cost/low programming.
  • Deepen relationship with existing community partners to address gaps in programming.


Relationship Building, Community Engagement and Outreach

  • Identify opportunities for relationship building, particularly with Vancouver School Board, City of Vancouver, and Parks Board. Elected officials, Senior staff, departments and direct service relationships.
  • Deepen collaborative approaches with community partners to ensure alignment with Society objectives and 2021-2025 Strategic Plans.



  • Redesign Website to include online platform for staff, Board and Committees to discuss and share information internally.
  • Share stories that reflect the character and heart of Britannia to promote programs, the Renewal and for social change.
  • Develop systems that are consistent – program promotion, distribution of posters, notification of special events, etc.
  • Build a culture of mutual receiving and sharing of information.
  • Contribute to community engagement in programming and the Renewal.