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East Van Votes All Candidate Gatherings

A series of events where community can gather for a family friendly meal and meet candidates looking for your vote for City Council, Park Board Commissioner and School Board Trustees.

The format will be that individuals and representative from each party will have an opportunity to speak for three minutes and then, after all these short speeches, the balance of the time will be spent at tables in dialogue with  10-15 community residents in several 15-minute sessions. This is called the “world café" model. Each table will have a moderator and note taker, and the notes will be shared with our community through various platforms.


Dates to meet Mayor and City Council candidates:

•   Monday Oct 1st at Britannia  5:00–9:00pm

•   Tuesday Oct 9th at RayCam  5:30–9:00pm


Dates to meet School Board & Park Board candidates:

•   Saturday Sept 29th at Britannia  11:00-3:00pm

•   Friday Oct 12th at Strathcona      6:30-9:30pm


For candidates who would like to rsvp for these events, please email .





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