The "Earth to Food" Project

Britannia Out of School Care program has begun work on a garden enhancement and mural project (Earth to Food project), providing an opportunity for the children to engage in the community they live and play in. We are dedicated to involving children in sustainable living at an early age and we have already engaged the children in the making of the garden space with a mural and mosaic to be completed by December 2012.

Once the garden space is complete children will be engaged in planting herbs, vegetables and flowers throughout the year. Children will learn about the food they are planting - how it grows and how to use it in their diet. We will also be using the harvested items in their weekly cooking/baking activities. Children will learn the importance and benefits of flowers and plants and the importance of watering.


With a generous grant of $5000 from the Britannia Community Board we are able to have:

  • the VSB lay the frame work for the garden space
  • Brent Clowater facilitate the Mural project, and
  • Shirldene Reynolds facilitate a mosaic stepping stone project.

The children will begin planting in early spring of 2013 and we hope to have a parent/community spring party sometime in 2013.  


A special thank-you to Ken H., Pat D. and Gord C. for their ideas on the garden space! Pictures were taken by Robert Lee and Lorraine Evans.




MARCH 2013 - Gardening at last!


We have received generous donations and discounts from:

Home Depot - Terminal Ave.

General Paints - Venables St.

Lower Mainland Ceramics - Commercial Dr.

Windsor Plywood - W 7th Ave.

John W.

Anna G.

A warm and sincere thank you to all our donors who have helped make this project happen!


  • The Mural
    The children have been involved in the concept, design, development and painting of the mural to be mounted on the South Wall beside the Spirit Bear (Preteen) Room. Brent Clowater, a former Childcare worker, is presently facilitating this project.

    Brent Clowater is an illustrative painter from the Maritimes currently living in Vancouver. Brent’s visuals uniquely meld traditional practices with contemporary ideologies. His subject matter is boundless and ranges from vivid portraiture to abstracts and stylized landscapes. Atmosphere, expression and emotion are the key values in his art.

    Photos of the Mural Progression

  • The Mosaic
    In November the children will begin work on the tile mosaic to be placed in the garden space as stepping stones.  Shirldene Reynolds will facilitate this project.

    Shirldene Reynolds focuses on oil painting and sculptures. She has over 40 years of experience in the art community and has her Bachelor of Science/Art Education from Agricultural & Technical State University, Greensboro, NC.  Shirldene also enjoys cooking and currently cooks for the children attending the Britannia Out of School Care program.

    Photos of the Mosaic Progression
  • The Garden
    We know the importance and value in getting children involved in sustainable living at an early age and the direct impact it will have on the environment.  By developing a greater knowledge about food security and providing hands-on experience in the processing of food, children gain an understanding of the lifelong impact of their daily habits in relation to food. We plan to have the kids planting herbs, vegetables and flowers in the new planter boxes and learning how to take care of them.

    The Vancouver School Board engineers will build the frame work for the garden space, allowing the OSC program the room to have the children plant in the early spring. The garden frame work will consist of:
    - 2 wooden planter boxes
    - A corner planting area for a hearty perennial and several annuals
    - The existing apple tree, to be pruned back in the late fall
    - Fresh soil and additional gravel

    Photos of the Garden Progression



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