Wild Salmon Caravan (completed)

The intention of the Wild Salmon Caravan is to nurture the creative energy that wild salmon have inspired through the ages, and affirm inter-tribal relationships that are the foundation of Indigenous trade and fisheries knowledge systems.

This creative energy will serve to educate, inform, and transform the darkness surrounding the industrial storm that is endangering wild salmon. Ancient ceremonies and songs of Indigenous peoples, as well as creative expressions of visual and performing arts, will call the wild salmon home to the rivers, lakes, and streams of the Fraser Basin and Salish Sea corridor where they play out their lives in birth and death.  

Following the grassroots leadership of the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty (WGIFS), and the Salish Council of Matriarchs, the WSC provides a powerful dignified model of Indigenous women, children, families and communities of all creeds and cultural to come together to celebrate the spirit of the salmon. The WSC is expanding our identity to the Rainbow Nation and calls for participation of all people, groups, eco-artists, performers, advocates, coalitions, and food systems networks to come together with Indigenous peoples who are working to protect, conserve and restore wild salmon and their habitat.
The Grandview Woodland Food Connection is pleased and honored to be a WSC organizing partner, recognizing that working to help protect wild salmon is a critical food justice issue for Indigenous and all peoples along with a host of other species that depend on the salmon for their survival. To this end we believe that we must step up our support for and struggle with Indigenous peoples to save the salmon.

Visit the Wild Salmon Caravan Website


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