Warm Plates Community Kitchen (completed)

WARM PLATES provides a collective setting for food preparation focusing on food recovery, healthy food provision and eating for Grandview Woodland residents at Britannia Community Centre. WARM PLATES is working with a group of Britannia seniors along with interested community volunteers of all ages to create a facilitated and sociable community kitchen space that can be freely accessed by those in the neighbourhood lacking regular access to groceries.
• promotes inclusion and support isolated community members
• educates on healthy food preparation and practices
• eradicates food waste
• connects between generations
• mobilizes community volunteerism via the act of creating engaging and spirited participation.
WARM PLATES creates an abundance of nutritious meals for participants to take home as well as possible delivery to elders in the area with limited mobility. This model of community kitchen meets participant’s needs for affordable meals as well as empowering community members to come together and provide for others in the community. A space in which a single act is able to both allow a participant to give and receive, creates a very positive social atmosphere.

Warm Plates Photos