SPARC BC Report - Who gets Sustenance? Community Voices Speak about Access to Local, Healthy Food (completed)

Community based initiatives on food security have swept across BC in the last decade, leading to greater understanding of our food system and including a focus on sustainable agriculture, farmers’ markets, urban farming, community gardens, and food recovery programs.

But still not everyone has access to good quality food. Underserved populations – particularly low income and single parent households, First Nations, new immigrants, seniors, and the homeless – face several systematic barriers to accessing healthy food, including unemployment and low income, rising food prices, and literacy barriers, amongst others. How can the positive advances of BC’s food security movement better support increased access to healthy food by underserved people?  

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection partnered with SPARC BC in this research providing us a valuable opportunity to reflect on current programming and explore means of better addressing community food needs.


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