Le Chou Intergenerational Garden and Garden 2 Plate Project (completed)

The Le Chou Intergenerational Garden Project is bringing together youth and seniors in a shared gardening experience. This 500 sq.ft. garden started in the summer 2013 is located in the Woodland Park Community Garden and is a joint partnership between GoodForks, Evergreen Foundation, Grandview Woodland Food Connection, Britannia Community Centre, the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, and the Watari Latin American Kitchen.

Over the spring and summer several groups of youth were  joined by seniors living in the neigbourhood to plant, harvest and eat fresh veggies from this garden. The project has been a highlight for many kids who have never planted seeds in their life and watched their seeds grow. We have even prepared and eaten fresh salads in the garden.

Nearby seniors are also enjoying visits to the gardens harvesting some of the food while the Watari group are using food grown at Le Chou for their weekly community kitchen


In 2014, we created the Garden 2 Plate youth program in which youth learned about the connection from garden to plate by growing and cooking their own tasty lunches with food from the garden. This project provided a half day direct hands-on gardening to build their food growing skills and a half day preparing a garden fresh lunch led by a trained chef. Field trips to the Van Tech School Market Garden and to the UBC farm offered the youth an eye opening experience of other food growing possibilities.

Also check out the Cameras for Change 2013 report of the youth digital photography program and garden picture taking.


Thank you to our funders:

Evergreen Foundation / Walmart Green Grants


More Garden Photos

Garden 2 Plate Summary Report