BC Housing Community Gardens

The Grandview Woodland Food Connection partnered with BC Housing and other partners to create new food gardens where none previously existed. The focus is on creating learning opportunities that are hands-on, engaging, support lifestyle changes, and are empowering for the individual. Particular effort is made to reduce potential barriers to participation and reach out to isolated residents.

The small Kiwassa Youth Garden is located next to Chimo Terrace, a BC Housing site on Wall St. A once vacant site littered with garbage is now a special garden for children to learn about and grow their own food. Kiwassa Neighbourhood House runs the children's garden program through their Chimo childcare program.


At Grandview Terrace a community garden was successfully built and is the pride of the community. Some of the children have their own plots. A patio garden was also built and run as a food growing program by the Canadian Mental Health Association for people with mental health issues living in the building. Approximately 10 participants are involved in this program.