Pandora Park Community Garden (completed and on-going)

Pandora Park Community Garden is one of the GWFC's largest projects. Located in a low income, medium density neighbourhood, the 10,000 sq ft community garden with 67 plots is situated in a gorgeous setting with spectacular views of the mountains.

This project has strived to include a diversity of community members and is providing 4 First Nations garden plots, 6 community group plots, and 4 wheelchair accessible plots.

More than anything, Pandora community garden is building a sense of community. A once largely unused part of the park is now brimming with activity and vitality. Potlucks and social events are being organized. Neighbours are meeting new neighbours.

This garden will also provide opportunities for the GWFC to organize organic gardening and other community gardening workshops for the Grandview Woodland North community. A small communal space will feature fruit trees, a composting area, and beehive and a unique green design garden shed.

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