Donate to Support Essential COVID-19 Services

We are still working with our community to provide essential services to our most vulnerable residents, including a COVID-19 Food Delivery Program, child care for essential service workers, and health and safety checks.

COVID-19 Food Delivery Program

In partnership with the Grandview Woodland Food Connection we have established the COVID-19 Food Delivery Program to deliver food hampers to residents of East Vancouver who may not be able to shop for themselves or to afford groceries due to the pandemic. Each day volunteers process and distribute up to 800lbs of food to people in our neighbourhoods.


Your contribution will ensure that we can continue this work.  Your contribution will go towards: 

  • Stocking the program. Funds will be used to buy healthy fresh food for food hampers, and;
  • Bridging the technology gap. Funds will be used to purchase phones and data to help vulnerable residents communicate and their friends, family and schools.


Health & Safety Checks

Our 55+ Team and our Youth Team have been working hard to connect with community members. Volunteers for our 55+ Team make weekly social calls offering seniors a chance to be heard and maintain a sense of community. Volunteers also provide information about programs and resources in the community, as well as referral services. To date, our team has reached over 1400 seniors. 


Our Youth Team connects with youth to ensure they have resources and supports during this pandemic, such as: one-on-one counselling, homework help, online activities, and social media engagement. Donations will help us continue and expand this important work.



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