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"It Takes a Village" Silent Auction

Britannia’s Elders and Seniors Groups have joined forces to fundraise for the Ashcroft Band to provide much needed funds and other support after devastation in their community by forest fires.
Silent Auction runs Sep 26-Nov 19. Check out the craft sales for great deals.

List of Silent Auction items to bid on:

Silent Auction item stories:

Two prints by Kwakwaka’wakw artist Beau Dick: story from Vera Jones, Britannia Elder and Board Member, about her donation:

"I was gifted the two prints – Thunderbird and Killer Whales.
They were painted by Beau Dick – who has recently passed away; and I believe they are limited editions.

A few years ago Chief Robert Joseph had asked me if I could make him a knee length West Coast traditional tunic, as he was going to Italy to speak with the Pope about making an apology to the IRS Survivors that attended the Roman Catholic IRS Schools in Canada. Chief ‘Bobby Joe’ (he is dearly known by this name). As he is an elder, a Co-worker decided to attend to be his helper. I was honored to receive the prints as gifts and gone to the frame shop to have them secured in a frame. I have enjoyed having them, and feel that it would be most suited to be auctioned in a silent auction to help the victims of the wildfire on the Ashcroft reserve. I understand from a source that the houses were decimated; also the horses did not survive the wildfire. The Seniors Elders Advocates (SEA) group have taken it on themselves to create their items – were assisted by other SEA members in this ongoing process.

I am an IRS Survivor of 14 years (1951-1966). I come from the Nisga’a territories. I was sent to Vancouver January 1968 and have lived here since."


"The Hummingbird": Joe Calder, a Nisga'a Elder originally from Alaska, shares about this painted panel donation:

"Only part of the story is told with the art. I don’t give you the entire creation story. Stories are really valued with the artists.
From Joe Calder: 3 grandfathers, one who moved down to the Nass River. Nisga’a also reside in Juneau Alaska.
Hummingbird holds all out designs too but it belongs to all First Nations people.
In our way we don’t own it. Nobody owns in our way.
Hummingbird belongs to all the Aboriginal people. It’s just like a flower everybody likes it. Hummingbird goes flower to flower. Hummingbird cares for the flowers. Hummingbird is Good humour.

Hummingbird holds that we are all equal – N S E W people."


Cedar Hat: Alice Munro shares about her Cedar Hat donation:
"Alice J Munro is a member of the 55 plus at the Britannia Centre. She is also a new Board member of the REACH Community Health Centre on Commercial Drive.

Alice is a Residential School survivor who is attending a Reconciliation Arts program at Langara.

In the wake of the Interior forest fires the 55+ decided to do some fund raising to help the Ashcroft Band. Alice being an avid cedar bark weaver, decided to weave a hat to donate to the cause."


"Spirit Bear" print by artist Ron Victor LaRochelle: story from Amelia Gubana about her donation:

"I love the Spirit Bear picture I donated. The delicacy and strength of the spirit of the image speak to me strongly. My daughter and I are Bear Clan. For organizations I fund-raise with I buy Native Fine Art from friends and associates. I joyfully take the opportunity to educate and create cultural awareness, to the best of my ability, through art and food.

Ron Victor LaRochelle is the artisan of this print. He has been a long term family friend who had a special connection to my father. Ron has carved totem poles, canoes, and jewelry which are found in collections around the world. He has done clothing collections and Ceremonial Robes as well. Ron is a very talented friend. I'm grateful he shares his art with me. We are collaborating on a couple of projects at this time and my heart is wide open.


Chi miigwech"


Comments :
Vera Jones(1 year ago)
Each of the arts have stories about how it got donated into the silent auction fundraiser....not sure if the stories have been added. If not please add the stories..thank you. As an elder artist stories are very, very important.

Kathy(1 year ago)
Thank you Vera. The stories for each item have been shared on our social media, and now will also be included here.

Shirley (1 year ago)
So much enthusiasm!
Excellent art!!!
Hope I can win a wonderful piece of art !
Buy lots of raffle tickets everyone!

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