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New Britannia Website Enhancements

Let us know what you think of the new website design refinements!

We have upgraded the Britannia website functionality, created a new and improved home page with friendly and readable navigation, with easy to select features for frequently used information, new simplified Quicklinks, and a new Bulletin Board for urgent and important information. As well, home page icons and text have greater contrast for legibility, as some people had some difficulty reading text on some monitors. We look forward to your comments and hope you like the upgrades!


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Comments :
Penny Thompson(4 years ago)
With regard to online registration: The shopping cart only allows one item at a time before it proceeds to checkout. Why do we have to register and pay for a single course/activity at a time? Doesn't Brit have to pay transaction fees for each VISA transaction? It's cumbersome and a waste of your valuable money.

Chris Bates(4 years ago)
Hi Penny,
From Park Board Recreation Technology Analyst: "You can actually make multiple selections before proceeding to payment, but it is not obvious! Once you select the first item and add it to your cart, go back to the previous window (minimize the current one), select another item, add to cart, back again, etc. and then you will notice that there are multiple items added to your cart, at which time you can then proceed and add participants, pay, etc."

Arthur(9 months ago)
it's definitely a good idea to have some pictures on the lane along the pool from skating rank to the gym. Just wonder if it would be even more fun by creating some programs or organize some activities so the public, both individuals and groups also have opportunities to participate by creating their own paintings over there. Perhaps each one just has one square foot or meter of area. When they join together, It man be quite imposing.

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